Discovery of duplicates from the archives of the State Civil Registry Offices

Sumy Translating agency provides the services of discovery of duplicates from the archives of State Civil Registry Offices in Ukraine — certificates, civil status certificates.

You need the service of discovery of the documents from the archives of the State Civil Registry Offices, provided by the specialists of the Translating agency, in that case, if you cannot receive these documents personally. We are ready to represent your interests at state authorities, to submit necessary applications, to pay state fee, and then – to prepare your documents for consular legalization or apostille

During the document processing, it is necessary to prepare your documents in accordance with the current legislation and requirements of a country, where you leave. Often, all documents require careful countercheck before submitting them to the appropriate authorities, so the agency specialists will advise you on the details of the documents preparation in Sumy. 

Very often, we are challenged with the need to renew (receive) documents for the following reasons: 

– outdated document,

– there are changes / alterations, spread on an entry,

– document deterioration,

– there are erasures or alterations in the document itself,

– lost document,

in these cases, we will help in receiving new documents (duplicates), namely:

Birth certificate

Marriage certificate

Divorce certificate

Death certificate

Name change certificate

Extract from the State Civil Register

Quick receipt of documents from archives in Sumy city, Sumy oblast and all over Ukraine – call us, write us – CONTACTS



Receiving of police clearance certificate

Receiving of police clearance certificate at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine by residents and non-residents of Ukraine in Sumy

Police clearance certificate confirms the fact of a criminal record of a citizen or its absence. 

Police clearance certificate is issued to the residents of Ukraine, they are: citizens of Ukraine, foreigners and persons without citizenship, who have their permanent residence permit in Ukraine, including those ones, who stay abroad temporarily, 

and to the non-residents of Ukraine, they are: foreigners and persons without citizenship, citizens of Ukraine, who have their permanent domiciles outside the national territory of Ukraineincluding those ones, who stay in the territory of Ukraine temporarily. 

For example, the foreign students, who studied and lived in Ukraine, ordered their police clearance certificates at our agency.

Cases, in which it may be necessary to receive a police clearance certificate:

— for citizenship procedure;
— for processing and renewal of documents;
— for processing of documents for social welfare authorities;
— for adoption, guardianship, for creation of an adoptive family or family-type orphanage;
— for employment procedure;
— for submission to military commissariat;
— for visa processing to leave abroad;
— for presentation to the institutions of foreign countries;
— for foreign employment procedure;
— for entering foreign higher educational institutions.

All the received by us documents can be legalized, apostilled, and translated with notarization.

That is not small detail – you can receive police clearance certificate and documents, issued by the State Civil Registry Offices, an unlimited number of times. The State charges a fee for each re-issued document.

Quick receipt of a police clearance certificate in Sumy city, Sumy oblast and all over Ukraine – call us, write us – CONTACTS