Marriage Registration

Lately more and more citizens of Ukraine find their soul mates abroad.

Our bureau provides entire consultation on preparation of the required set of documents, as well as directs how to fill them out correctly. Each of the papers should have an Apostille or a stamp of consular legalization according to the requirements of the country.

There is also a number of countries that do not require official legalization according to the ratified treaty with Ukraine.

In this case the process of preparation of the required documents for the marriage is significantly simplified.

For marriage registration on the territory of Ukraine the foreign citizen should submit the following documents:

  • Valid passport with a stamp of border crossing
  • If the foreign citizen had been married before, the divorce decree (or divorce certificate) with an Apostille or stamp of legalization should be provided.
  • If the foreign citizen is a widower/widow, death certificate with an Apostille or stamp of legalization should be provided.

The entire set of documents should be translated into Ukrainian and the signature of the translator must be legalized by a Ukrainian notary.

For marriage registration abroad Ukrainian fiancé/fiancée should have a spouse visa. The following list of documents is required for the foreign embassy:

  • invitation for marriage from a fiancé/fiancée;
  • birth certificate of a fiancé/fiancée;
  • marital status certificate
  • certificate of registration of place of residence
  • a divorce decree or divorce certificate if the fiancé/fiancée had been married before, and
  • marriage statement for confirmation of the surname change

Each of the documents should have an Apostille or stamp of legalization. Then the documents should be translated into the official language of the country where the marriage will be registered and appropriately legalized (by a notary or with a seal of a certified interpreter).

In every specific case the list of required documents depends on the regulations and requirements of a particular country.

Useful information for citizens of Ukraine

According to the legal system of Ukraine, marriages registered in the territory of Ukraine come within the jurisdiction of the Marriage Acts of Ukraine. If this is the case you will have much more rights than if the marriage is registered abroad.

In some countries the marriages registered in Civil Registry Offices of Ukraine do not have legal efficacy in the territory of another country. In such a case after the marriage registration it should be solemnized in church, mosque, or another religious institution according to the requirements of the country.

Attention! Apostille or legalization stamp is put down only in the country of marriage registration.

For a detailed consultation you may address managers of theTranslation Agency Suchasni Movy.