The procedure for translation notarization in Sumy city assumes that the document is translated by a certified translator, and the notary certifies the authenticity of the signature of the translator, who is registered at his/her notary office. This means that not every citizen who speaks a foreign language can be a translator and, moreover, have his/her translations certified by a notary.

The laws of Ukraine establish the rules for execution of documents that can be certified by a notary after translation performed by a translator.

There is no complete list of such documents, but there is a list of documents that the specialists of our agency constantly translate and have them certified by a notary:

  • Translation of a certificate – birth, marriage, divorce, death …
  • Translation of a certificate – police clearance, employment, health …
  • Translation of a notarized power of attorney – for sale, for purchase, for representation of interests …
  • Translation of a notarized consent – taking children abroad …
  • Translation of a passport – internal, for travelling abroad
  • Translation of a diploma and a supplement
  • Translation of a school leaving certificate and a supplement
  • Translation of a work record book
  • Translation of a statement
  • Translation of a court judgment
  • Etc.

The procedure for notarizing the translator’s signature itself is not complicated and not time-consuming, but the devil is in the details that are worth paying attention to. We provide the service of notarization of the translator’s signature (notarized translation) every day, so we keep our “finger on the pulse”.

By contacting the specialists of our agency for advice, you can avoid a number of mistakes when preparing documents for traveling abroad, or vice versa, when taking them to Ukraine.

You can learn more about notarized translation and translation notarization from the agency managers by phone or by filling out the feedback form on the CONTACT US page